Call Center & CAD

Computer Aided Dispatch and CAD2CAD

In today’s complex public safety environments, the need for information coordination is more vital than ever before. SIOS knows that the availability and reliability of computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems can be a matter of life and death. These systems enable emergency 911 operators and dispatchers to prioritize and record incident calls, dispatch first responders, and coordinate response. CAD systems capture and disseminate critical information such as, the incident type and location, the location and availability of police, EMT, and fire teams; and known site hazards; in real time. It’s prudent to ensure there uptime. Due to the urgent nature of these systems, even brief downtime for CAD and CAD2CAD systems could delay response time and impede coordination of resources in dynamic emergency situations. Some communities pool their emergency resources for efficiency and fast response. They connect CAD systems using CAD2CAD software for inter-community, inter-agency coordination and collaboration.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

SIOS clustering software provides high availability and disaster protection for CAD systems, effectively ensuring 99.99% uptime availability. SIOS software monitors the CAD application environment and if it detects an issue, automatically fails over operation to a standby cluster node.

HA for CAD Systems in Windows

If your CAD or CAD2CAD system runs on Microsoft Windows Servers, add SIOS DataKeeper software to a Windows Server Failover Clustering environment to eliminate the cost and downtime risk of shared storage.

Cut Software Licensing Costs

There are multiple ways to create a cloud-based CAD or CAD2CAD hub that is protected from downtime and disasters. SIOS software monitors the CAD or CAD2CAD hub application to detect problems and ensure it is operational. If an issue arises, it automatically orchestrates failover to standby cluster servers. For system running on Microsoft Windows Servers, simply add SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition for simple, cost-efficient SANless clustering. SIOS DataKeeper host-based, block level replication replicates and synchronizes local storage data to the standby server quickly and efficiently – without slowing down or interfering with the operation of the CAD and/or CAD2CAD system.